Notes From the Pantry

Drew Social Policy Course Addresses Hunger

IFP recently partnered with Drew University students under the direction of Professor Patrick McGuinn, who recently joined our Board of Trustees, to conduct an in-depth study about the issue of local hunger and how it is currently being viewed and addressed by the public and private sectors.

“The students’ findings showed that political leaders in Morris County were often unaware that hunger affected local populations, that agencies did not always connect with those in need and that transportation, language barriers and limited hours of operation frequently impede access to available services.

“We found that, often, hunger is ignored and is not seen as a dramatic problem in society, especially in wealthy communities. Unfortunately, inequality in food access exists across almost every state, even in states with higher average incomes like New Jersey,” said Saif Yasin C’17, a student in the course.”

Additional classes that will be offered this fall will help  guide our local advocacy efforts in partnership with the university and ultimately lead to more opportunities for our supporters to get involved in shaping social policy.   Visit our Learn About Hunger page and check back often to stay up-to-date with current issues.