Notes From the Pantry

Garden Produce Donations

Our drop off hours are: Mon. –Thurs. 9:30 am –4:30 pm. Friday by arrangement.

(If you have flexibility, between 9:30 and 12:00 is the best time so we have more time to get the produce ready for distribution sessions.)

Some suggestions for transporting your produce to us:

•There is nothing like fresh garden produce –but remember if it is “past its prime”–is severely bruised, showing significant signs of decay, or is moldy and you would not eat it –our clients wouldn’t either. Take it to the compost pile –not the Pantry!

•Bring produce in clean, dry containers or bags. Separate different types of produce.

• If vegetables are fragile –such as ripe tomatoes –try to transport them so they are not stacked too much. We’ve discovered that a few split tomatoes can make a mess and attract bugs!

• Shake off loose dirt.

• If the vegetables or herbs you bring are less familiar,either label them or make sure you tell the warehouse worker at the Pantry who helps you what they are.

• Label any hot peppers.

• If you are storing harvested produce in your refrigerator before you bring it to us, please store it in a plastic bag on the top shelf of a clean refrigerator away from raw meat.

If you have any questions, contact Katy Galton, Nutrition Educator at 973 538 8049 ext. 216 or or Garden Manager Tess Clarkin.

Produce Guidelines 2019 Print Out