Food Pantry and Network Programs

Getting nutritious, nourishing food to the people in Morris County who need it most.

Fresh Food Today, Food Security Tomorrow

We provide food assistance as well as education and resources to help the community thrive. You can help fund one or more of our programs.



Our Food Pantry and Network Programs

Emergency and Supplemental Food

Our organization is committed to providing immediate food assistance to those in need, offering two distinct types of emergency bags. The first type, designed for families not yet enrolled in our programs, includes a week’s supply of essential pantry items, such as canned goods, peanut butter, pasta, cereal, and perishables like bread, milk, and eggs. These are available on a walk-in basis at our pantries, OTA, Morris County Office for Hispanic Affairs, Zufall Clinic, and also at the Family Justice Center, which supports families affected by domestic violence
The second type, known as a “motel bag,” caters to the unique needs of individuals temporarily sheltered in motels or experiencing homelessness, supplied to partners like Hope One, Navigating Hope, and Whippany Presbyterian Church. These contain ready-to-eat items like Easy Mac, pop-top canned foods, shelf-stable milk, and sandwiches, specifically avoiding foods that require extensive preparation, perfect for those without kitchen facilities.

Weekend Food Distribution

To accommodate the needs of working families, we offer evening and weekend food distribution sessions at both of our facilities.

Free Farmers Market

We offer free Farmers Markets the first four Fridays of each month at our main pantry location in Morris Plains. This gives our clients access to 14 or more fresh produce items which supplement the fresh produce received as part of their monthly groceries. Additionally, clients from all 3 Parsippany pantry partners can attend the free Farmers Market at St. Ann’s Church.

These are held both on and off-site with certain Pantry Partners.

SUN (Senior Umbrella Nutrition) Programs

We offer several delivery programs aimed at helping seniors maintain a healthy life and remain as independent as possible. These include:

Pantry Partner Program

Shifting geography of affordable housing in Morris County is forcing many low-income working families and senior citizens further away from our food pantries. Lack of transportation makes it very difficult to access the same nutritious foods available to local IFPN clients.
Access to nutritious food such as fresh produce, protein and dairy are critical to maintaining health for low-income families and seniors. To ensure people in even the most remote areas of Morris County have access to nutritious food, we created the Healthy Choices Mobile Pantry. Our team works with a network of smaller food pantries that need additional resources to serve their visiting families. Monthly, we provide produce, dairy and supplemental groceries that they otherwise would not be able to obtain.

Healthy Snacks Program

Dover Library, Head Start and Our Promise are Healthy Snacks Programs which supplement in-between meals for low-income children and individuals experiencing homelessness.

Every Person Counts
so Every Dollar Counts

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, more and more families and at-risk seniors are sheltering in place and need our support. Your contribution can help fund some or all of our programs.

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