Donate Food

Thank you for your help! Most of the food we distribute is donated by local organizations, schools, houses of worship and generous people like you.

How to Donate Food

Donations may be dropped off at our warehouse location:

2 Executive Drive, Morris Plains, NJ, Monday-Thursday, 9:30am-4:30pm.

Special arrangements can be made by calling 973-538-8049 x236 or email in advance.

Organize a Food Drive with our IFPN Food Drive Kit.

If you are donating more than a few bags of food or have organized a food drive please call Kiley at 973-538-8049 x236 or email to schedule a drop off time.

Please alert our staff if you are bringing ANY perishable items (i.e. refrigerated or frozen food, fresh produce, bread, etc.).

Certain foods may be used after their “use by” and “best by” dates. Leave it to our staff volunteers who have been trained in food safety to make the determination!

When you drop off the donation, please fill out your donation form completely and legibly so we can mail your acknowledgement. This also serves as a tax receipt.

If you are donating produce from your garden please follow these Community Garden and Home Produce Donation Guidelines  

You can also utilized our Produce Harvest Guidelines



Current Food Needs

Shopping? Take our printable everyday pantry needs list with you.

Our Biggest Needs
Fruits & Vegetables
Side Dishes
Baby Items
Specialty Items